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Fany de la Chica - Spain

Connecting with the audiovisual industry at ESoDoc

Fany de la Chica - Spain


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About the author

Fany de la Chica studied a degree of Audiovisual Communication and Photography Direction in the Film Studies Centre of Cataluña. She directed her first documentary film at age of 22 years old, "Viaje de ida y vuelta" (Round trip). It was funded by the Institute of the Arts and Cinematographic Sciences in Spain (ICAA), pre-selected for the Goya Awards 2010 and broadcast on public Spanish television 'TVE". Also the documentary was screened in more than 20 festivals in Spain. Her second documentary as a director and producer was the film "Un dia en Smara" that tells the story of one day in a Saharan refugee camp in the south of Algeria. The film received a "Special Mention" in 2011 in the LIDF (London International Documentary Festival) and has won awards in various other festivals (Un film per la Pace festival in Italy, Golden Beggar Award in Slovakia). Also the documentary has been screened in other 30 important festivals around the world (Adana Golden Boll Competition for Mediterranean Countries in Turkey, Festival of Cinema of Bogotá (Colombia), Docudays-Lebanon). Her third documentary "The visit", filmed in Cambodia, will have the premier in the summer. In the meantime she has other documentary projects: a short documentary filmed in Israel in post-production stage and a feature-length documentary in filming process "Land of the Olive Trees" that has been funded by Council of Jaen (Spain), Caja Rural Foundation (Spain) and in collaboration with Canal Sur TV(Spain). In the last year also, she has been teaching courses in Spain on documentary filmmaking.

About the clip

Interviewer: Benoit Felici

Camera: Anke Riester

Editing: Milena Holzknech

Edition: 2012

Location: Brentonico – Italy

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