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Tonje Hessen-Schei


Tonje Hessen-Schei - Norway


Tonje Hessen-Schei - Norway


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About the author

Tonje is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who has worked with independent documentary production since 1996. Her films focus on human rights, the environment and social justice. Tonje directed and produced PLAY AGAIN and INDEPENDENT INTERVENTION, both of which have won several international awards. The films have been screened on all continents in over 100 countries, and are used by schools and universities globally.
In the U.S., Tonje worked for ENG (Electronic New Group, LA) and she was co-distributor and the researcher for documentaries All Power to the People! (1997) and Downwinders (2000). In Norway, she worked for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK (2005-2006). Tonje was the festival director of Human Rights Human Wrongs (2011), Scandinavia's sole documentary film festival that focuses only on human rights. Tonje started Ground Productions in 2005, an international documentary production company based in Portland, OR, USA and Oslo, Norway.

About the clip

Interviewer and Camera: Alexandra Kaufmann

Editing: Valentina Zaggia

Edition: 2014

Location: Nalles – Italy

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