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Joost Bevernage - The Netherlands

ESoDoc in a nutshell

Joost Bevernage - The Netherlands


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About the author

Joost Bevernage graduated cum laude in 2009 as a Master in Audiovisual Arts at the Sint-Lukas Brussels UCAD. He devoted his under-graduate years to exploring possible syntheses of theatre, experimental cinema and fiction. On graduation Joost spent two years working for video artist David Claerbout. He has worked in the commercial and socio-cultural sectors as both a director and a motion-graphic designer on assignments for Mercedes, Dexia, JoeFM, Netlog,, Fashion Museum Antwerp, City of Antwerp, JAC Dendermonde and several theatre companies. Joost's work is centered around the search for, and construction of, identity. He elaborates on these themes by constructing associative mental spaces that feature elements of both fantasy and horror. The first proof of this is shown in his graduation film, 'Moon Shadow Absynthe' (Shanghai Film Festival, Elles Tournent Gender Festival). Currently his interests lead him to explore the origins of the EU and what it means to be a European citizen, a search that will result in a feature film script, to be published in 2012.

About the clip

Interviewer: Benoit Felici

Camera: Anke Riester

Editing: Milena Holzknech

Edition: 2012

Location: Brentonico – Italy

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