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Charlie Phillips

Funding in the UK

Charlie Phillips - UK

Funding in the UK

Charlie Phillips - UK


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About the author

Charlie Phillips is the former Deputy Director for Shefeld Doc/Fest (now Head of documentaries at The Guardian), working across all departments – programming, marketplace, conference, digital and year-round training. Prior to this he was Marketplace Director, co-ordinating the MeetMarket, a unique opportunity for flmmakers and digital media producers to present their most innovative and passionate ideas to commissioners, buyers, funders and distributors. He also runs all other marketplace activities at Shefeld Doc/Fest, including public pitches, industry meetings, matchmaking and mentoring sessions, and year-round workshops. Before that, he was the Editor of FourDocs, Channel 4’s BAFTA-winning online documentary channel, and he continues to bring an interactive and cross-platform perspective to Shefeld’s marketplace activities.

About the clip

Interviewer and Camera: Alexandra Kaufmann

Editing: Valentina Zaggia

Edition: 2014

Location: Locarno – Switzerland

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