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New chances with cross-media projects
Lucia Haslauer

Golden rules for young documentarians

Lucia Haslauer - DE

Golden rules for young documentarians

Lucia Haslauer - DE


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About the author

Lucia studied Communication, modern History and Politics at the University of Vienna. During her studies she passed a private education programme for journalism. After that she worked with the Austrian Public Boradcaster – ORF as conceptionalist and editor and as a freelance for production companies. Since 2008 she is with the ZDF, working as a crossmedia-developer in the new media department. She is also part of Das Kleine Fernsehspiel where she‘s closely involved with Quantum, the laboratory for innovative TV-Formats.

About the clip

Interviewer and Camera: Mathia Coco, Stefano Coco (Riccio Blu)

Editing: Silvano Gazziero

Edition: 2015

Location: Palermo – Italy

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