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Heino Deckert

How can a project get finances

Heino Deckert - DE

How can a project get finances

Heino Deckert - DE


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About the author

Heino Deckert is producer and managing director of Filmproduktion and Fiction based in Leipzig and Berlin as well as running Deckert Distribution for documentaries. He's new company, Pluto Film is specialized in the distribution of arthouse and cross-over film as well as cinematic works by emerging talents. In 1995 Mr. Deckert founded, an informal union of six European colleagues joining forces to exchange ideas and initiatives. Heino Deckert meanwhile produced more than 90 award-winning documentaries with filmmakers like Thomas Heise and Viktor Kossakowsky.

About the clip

Interviewer and Camera: Mathia Coco, Stefano Coco (Riccio Blu)

Editing: Silvano Gazziero

Edition: 2015

Location: Palermo – Italy

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