Facing the market

Audrius Stonys - Lithuania

Facing the market

Audrius Stonys - Lithuania


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About the author

"Audrius Stonys (born 1966, Lithuania) is member of European Film Academy and European Documentary Network. He began his creative activities in the last years of the Soviet Empire since that time he has made 14 films as an independent filmmaker and producer. His films won many international film awards. Among them Public prize in Nyon, Grand Prix in Split, prizes in Bornholm, Gyor, Neu Brandenburg, Oberhausen and San Francisco. In 1992 the film Earth of the Blind received European Film Academy award “FELIX” as the Best European Documentary film of the Year. The years 2004-2005 Audrius Stonys spent as a documentary teacher in European Film College, Denmark. Since 2006 he has lectured in Tokyo Waseda University. He sees the issue of freedom in film to be the central one, more importand than any aesthetic issue. Especially when the attemps to limit this freedom have not ceased, they have only changed their outer shell. This trend seems to be particularly acute in the documentary film which is attempted to be squeezed into certain standard frame of some sort of information provider, entertainer, emotion-stirrer and educator. In contrary Audrius Stonys thinks that the documentary film has not been born out of the desire to inform. It was born out of wonder, with the discovery of the possibility to stop the time and contemplate the world‘s miracle."

About the clip

Interviewer and Camera: Arianna Azzolini

Editing: Milena Holzknech

Edition: 2013

Location: Bardonecchia – Italy

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