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Ben Kempass

Relation with fillmakers

Ben Kempass - UK

Relation with fillmakers

Ben Kempass - UK


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About the author

With 15 years of experience as documentary filmmaker and cinematographer working out of Munich, Ben took up a newly-created post at the Scottish Documentary Institute in 2011. As Producer of Marketing and Distribution, he works across a slate of documentary films, connecting filmmakers and audiences in innovative and meaningful ways. Now based in Edinburgh, he develops campaigning strategies, online communications, distribution technology, and fundraising tools. Also a web producer and senior editor of SDI's online platforms, Ben helps shape a new voice for Scottish documentary. He ran the campaign for the award-winning film "I Am Breathing", enabling more than 300 screenings across 45 countries, and pioneered in a 'pay it forward' release of "Future My Love". Since 2002, Ben has spent much of his spare time as co-host of The D-Word, the web's most vibrant community for documentary professionals. Ben is a certified NationBuilder Architect and has won a number of environmental and human rights awards for his documentary "Upstream Battle" which played at the Toronto International Film Festival and more than 30 other festivals around the world.

About the clip

Interviewer and Camera: Natasa Urban (Lunam Docs)

Editing: Silvano Gazziero

Edition: 2015

Location: Tromsø - Norway

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