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Moniek Wester Keegstra

The importance of working in team

Moniek Wester Keegstra - The Netherlands

The importance of working in team

Moniek Wester Keegstra - The Netherlands


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About the author

Moniek Wester Keegstra has been directing films for Dutch National television and NGOs since 1995. Her documentary film work focuses on human rights and experiences of trauma. Film work includes “Gaza, Gabbers & Graffity”, nominated for the “Prix d’Europe” (Berlin 1997), broadcast on Dutch TV (HUMAN) and exhibited at international festivals. Ms. Wester Keegstra has a broad international experience of filming in countries like Sierra Leone, Tibet and Gaza. In 2006, she was co-producer of 26000 Faces, a Dutch social action documentary project that focussed on asylum seekers who faced deportation despite having lived for many years in Holland. The films were shown on Dutch national television every night and at international film festivals (including International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam and Rotterdam Film Festival in 2004) as part of a campaign to raise awareness. In 2006, the newly elected Dutch government declared a general pardon for almost all asylum seekers from the 26000 Faces group. Currently Ms. Wester Keegstra works as freelance film director and editor for Medicine Sans Frontieres and Oxfam Novib.

About the clip

Interviewer: Sergei Trofimov

Camera: Anke Riester

Editing: Milena Holzknech

Edition: 2013

Location: The Netherlands

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