ESoDoc Tube is a collection of short clips cut from the interviews we shot at every sessions with all our experts, talking about the most seminal topics related to today’s industry. Each clip focuses on a specific topic or aspects of the experts' professional activities. 
This collection - started in 2012 - is constantly expanding with the new interviews realised at each session of our workshop. 

How does it work? 
On ESoDoc Tube you can navigate 250+ clips combined and connected by a series of keyword, which allow to navigate the platform via topics or following the interviews of a specific trainer.
After watching a clip, the system will offer you a series of videos related by keywords, giving you the chance to explore the entire collection. 
You can also select to go directly to a "Topic" or to a "Trainer" by opening the menu on the bottom of your screen.

Start by clicking on one of the clips below.

Sarah Mosses

Skills for Impact producers

Jamie Balliu

Development and production strategies in interactive media

Mike Lerner

Does the rise of the digital market really impact my film?

Fernanda Rossi

Two stories model: plot-driven vs narrative. The story structure continuum