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How interactive storytelling became the immersive learning platform Lyfta
Paulina Tervo

Democracy in storytelling working with local filmmakers

Paulina Tervo - Lyfta

Democracy in storytelling working with local filmmakers

Paulina Tervo - Lyfta


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About the author

Paulina is the Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer at EdTech platform Lyfta - a first-of-its-kind, digital learning platform using immersive, real-life stories. Lyfta's mission is to create a lasting impact in children's lives, in education systems, and in societies all around the world. Since founding Lyfta in 2016, Paulina has helped grow the company from 0 - 35+ people, developing and building the company's learning platform and content offering. At Lyfta she leads on the editorial strategy, story commissioning, and developing innovative learning content.

Paulina is an award-winning documentary director/producer and 360° storyteller, who has made documentaries all over the world, collaborating with international NGOs, broadcasters, educational and cultural institutions, telling inspiring stories of ordinary people. She is passionate about amplifying different voices that show the diversity of lived human experiences, as well as innovating with technology, design, and 360 storytelling to create amazing visual experiences, that push the boundaries of storytelling. She has also lectured in film and immersive storytelling at universities, led film training programs and mentored filmmakers in many parts of Europe and Africa.

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Edition: 2022

Location: online

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