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Matthieu Lietaert

Test your ideas!

Matthieu Lietaert - Belgium

Test your ideas!

Matthieu Lietaert - Belgium


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About the author

Doctor in political sciences, infographic and data visualization consultant, journalist and filmmaker. Co-author & co-director of the investigative film "The Brussels Business" (ARTE, RTBF, ORF, 2012 - developed at ESoDoc 2008). Editor of the book "Webdoc. Survival Guide for Online Filmmakers" (Not So Crazy! 2011) et "Le Cohabitat. Reconstruisons des villages en ville" (Couleurs Livre, 2012).

About the clip

Interviewer and Camera: Alexandra Kaufmann

Editing: Valentina Zaggia

Edition: 2014

Location: The Hague – The Netherlands

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